You’re Not Alone – Ask The Experts On Real Estate Investing


Real estate investing is not a “get rich quick” scheme. With so many factors involved, the simple act of considering your next investment, or where to even begin as an investor, can be overwhelming. From mortgages to maintenance costs, investing in real estate carries its own unique set of challenges.

That being said, It’s true there are numerous stories of people who have earned themselves a fortune with real estate investment.

How do they do it?

Knowledge is Power

Don’t forget, real estate, like every other business, requires a good amount of know how.

Real estate investing does have some risks associated with it, so whether you’re well-versed in real estate or new to this type of venture, you won’t want to go the route of trial-and-error. Your money is on the line and in order to succeed at your investment, you need to understand many key elements that may be out of your scope of knowledge.

The best investors become successful because they constantly ask questions of the right people. They take advantage of any opportunities to receive current, solid and trustworthy advice from professionals in pertinent fields like insurance, real estate law and landlord-tenant relations.

They don’t skip out on real estate education whenever they can get it!

We Are Here to Help

We know how important the right advice is, and we want you to feel secure in your real estate investment decisions, so we’ve organized a fantastic investors seminar.

We’ve gathered an amazing, one of a kind panel of experts ready to discuss and answer all real estate investment questions you may have!

Their knowledge goes beyond the general real estate and market information so if you’ve been hesitant about taking action with real estate investing, this session will provide you with the answers you’ll need to take the next step.

Learn from these experts, put their wisdom to work and watch your investment take off!

This is a free event, no sales pitches or products to buy. Simply grab a coffee from our cafe, sit back, and join the discussion.

Feel free to bring a friend and submit any questions in advance to You won’t want to miss this amazing seminar.
Join us on April 24th @ 7 pm. Located at 618 King St. West in Kitchener

We look forward to seeing you there!

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