Should I Hire a Realtor To Sell My Home? - Rego Realty

Although selling a home can be done with or without a real estate agent, and some sellers do choose to do this without the aid of a real estate agent, most prefer to rely on the professional services of a realtor.

If you’re selling your property, you might be wondering which scenario suits you best. Consider these important points why enlisting the help of a real estate agent will be of benefit to you:

They Have the Time, Do You?

There are numerous tasks that need to get done when selling a property and those tasks take time.

First of all, properties need to be prepared for sale. This includes taking care of minor repairs, cleaning, and staging. There are also digital marketing tasks to take care of. For example, to sell your property, it’s key to take good quality photos and video and to showcase your property on all avenues of social media. You’ll need to devote time and money to traditional methods of marketing as well, like flyers and printed ads.

When your property is ready – it’ll need to be shown. If you’ve marketed successfully, you can expect dozens of calls and inquiries into your property within the first week alone. One of the most time-consuming aspects of selling a home is being available for, and present at, home showing.

All these things get taken care of with the help of a realtor.

They Have the Skills Needed?

It’s true that there are some unskilled realtors in the business but if you hire the right realtor – one who is highly skilled and accomplished – they will excel at strategy, marketing, pricing, and negotiating. This is especially important when the offers start coming in.

So ask yourself, are you a natural negotiator? Are you familiar with pricing strategies? What about the legalities relating to selling your home? There are various legal aspects that you should be aware of in order to avoid any legal pitfalls, especially at closing time.

In terms of marketing, there is so much more to selling your home than posting it on MLS.

The only way to get your home sold quickly for top value is to have your property seen by as many people as possible. Without efficient and stellar marketing, the chances of this happening are slim.

What Is the Actual Worth of Your Home?

Knowing how much a home is worth takes deep knowledge about the market. It’s key to know not just what properties are listed for, but also what they are sold for.

It also takes an expert eye to know how much each specific feature of your home adds value to its overall worth. Be aware that some features may even subtract value so it’s key to be realistic and objective about the actual value of your house.