Why Waterloo Region Buyers Need to Become "Investors" - Rego Realty

Sometimes, when we share market data on social media, people get upset.

It’s not because the data is wrong – it’s because it’s right. 

Home values are rising fast in Waterloo Region and, for many buyers, it has become increasingly difficult to enter the market. This is, understandably, frustrating.

And with demand expected to continue to outpace supply, it doesn’t appear that the barrier to entry will get lower any time soon – or at all.

This is the reality of our market. It’s critical that buyers know the landscape, what to expect in the coming years, and the options available to them.

I wrote about this four years ago, and I feel it’s a concept worth bringing up again:

Buyers, especially first-time buyers, need to act like investors.

This means, instead of waiting and saving for their dream home, they should consider more affordable options today as a means to build wealth and create multiple paths to their homeownership goals.

Purchasing something smaller, like a condo, for example, allows buyers to build equity, keep up with market appreciation, and potentially be in a better position to buy their dream home in the future (vs. renting and saving alone).

And, down the road –and depending on their financial situation at the time– they can either sell their property to upgrade, or upgrade and hold their existing property as a rental to build even more equity.

(Multiple paths!)

The key is to understand your options and make informed decisions today to create long-term wealth. 

That’s the approach we take with our investor clients and, now more than ever, our first-time buyers. We can’t change the market, but we can change our mindset, get creative, and find new ways to achieve our goals. 

As always, we’re here to help by answering your questions about our market and the paths available to you, as well as connect you with the right mortgage professionals who can provide you with clarity regarding affordability.

If you’ve been thinking about buying –principal residence or investment– now is a great time to get up to speed. Contact us below.