Our Residential Resale division combines nearly two decades of experience in the Wellington-Waterloo region. Using intimate local market knowledge, years of experience, and a solid education of real estate laws and tactics, our Residential Sales Experts are here to ensure you get the most out of your next move – with less stress.



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At Rego Realty, we partner with developers in the Waterloo region to create administrative solutions to high-profile developments. Our full-service approach incorporates every detail until launch date, from floor plans to branding, lead generation, and sales.


Rego’s Luxury Properties division focuses on the lifestyle of buyers looking for high-end and unique properties. Through our luxury-focused sales and marketing team, we provide expertise and direction on how to use brand messaging, networking, and multimedia to attract prospective buyers.


The Rego Realty team includes Commercial Specialists that deal exclusively with income, commercial, and industrial properties. Using our knowledge of the regional economic landscape and insight into what it takes to build a successful local business, we provide expert analyses on the purchase and sale of income, commercial, and industrial properties, commercial leasing, land acquisition and development, build-outs of commercial spaces, and property management.