Your Home: The Amazon Product | Rego Realty

Home buying has changed for good.

The days of physically touring homes for fun, or to “get an idea of what’s out there,” or to see if “maybe this home shows better in person” are fading away fast.

Now, in many cases, most of the sale happens online.

In fact, we’ve sold homes where the in-person showing doesn’t happen until AFTER the sale!

Crazy? Maybe. But that’s the market – and sellers (and agents!) need to adapt.


Now, selling your home is a lot like selling a product on Amazon

Much like an Amazon product, your home is competing online for:

  • Exposure (the most possible buyers)
  • Views (the most clicks to your listing)
  • Showings (today, these are pretty close to “orders”)

If you optimize your home’s online presence like an Amazon listing, you’ll give yourself the best chance of putting more money in your pocket at closing.

If you don’t, you’re probably going to miss out.

And, given that your home is likely your largest investment, every penny counts!

Here’s how to take the Amazon approach to listing your home – and win big:


Exposure: Stand Out from the Crowd

Ever notice the “sponsored products” on Amazon? They’re the paid ads that always show up first.

Unfortunately, you can’t make your home show up first on Your home is just going to blend in with every other listing.

Your agent can, however, get around this by paying to advertise where buyers are all the time: social media.

We know this works because we do it every day! We’ve spent hundreds of thousands on social media ads to get our listings in front of more buyers and generate extra listing views, showings, and offers for our clients.

(If you’re reading this article, it may be because we paid to put it in front of you – it works!)


Views: Get Buyers to Click!

It’s one thing to get people to SEE your ad – it’s another to get them to CLICK to take a closer look.

The best-selling products on Amazon are the ones that stand out, stop buyers in their tracks, and clearly communicate the key benefits – in a matter of seconds.

It’s no different when advertising your home.

Pro photography, video, graphic design, and copywriting can make the difference between a few extra clicks and a few thousand!

This is exactly why we’ve invested in our in-house marketing team: to promote our clients’ homes professionally, capture attention, and drive serious traffic to their listings.


Showings: Converting Views to Appointments (which lead to offers!)

You have thousands of buyers looking at your listing – now comes the big event: keeping them engaged and getting them to take action.

Remember: the online listing view is now the in-person showing. This is likely your only shot at winning buyers over.

Because, if you don’t, it’s a lot like Amazon: they’ll move on to the next home.

It is critical to create an immersive experience that provides buyers with all they need to say YES and take action:

  • Self-Guided Virtual Tours
  • Video Tours
  • Neighbourhood Data
  • Maps
  • Measurement Tools

And, while many may claim it doesn’t matter in a hot market – staging is still critical in maximizing your home’s appeal online (we have an in-house team to make home prep quick and easy).

In fact, between staging and multimedia, we easily invest 3-5k into each listing. Presentation, especially now, is everything when it comes to getting buyers to take action.


Your Opportunity to WIN BIG

“Amazoning” your listing requires expertise and significant investment.

From a purely financial perspective, it’s just not possible for the vast majority of agents to accomplish this.

This is important to point out because, if you list with a brokerage that HAS the expertise and the budget to get you the most exposure, views, and showings, you’ll have the best shot at a top-dollar sale.

And again, with your home being your largest investment, you should settle for nothing less.


If you’d like to learn more about how we’ll turn your home into an “Amazon Best Seller,” contact us below.