When selling property, pictures and video make the largest and quickest impression on potential buyers. Research tells us that about 83% of buyers report pictures as most important in an online listing.

Although pictures alone will probably not sell your property, they will surely get buyers in the door. Let’s consider the reasons why pictures and video are so important and explore some key points to help you achieve the best visual online presentation in selling your property.

Worth a Thousand Words

There’s a reason the cliche exists – but pictures are actually worth more than a thousand words! They convey to the potential buyer not only what your home looks like, but also its value. Without photos and video, buyers are not able to truly determine if a home is even worth considering.

It’s so crucial in successfully selling your home, that if you don’t have any photos, or if you have poor photos, many buyers will just dismiss your listing and probably never look back.

Quality Counts

The quality of your photos and video needs to be high. Because photographs are so important, it’s essential that you or your real estate agent hire a professional to take care of this task. A professional will cater to your needs and take the time and care to compose esthetically pleasing photos.

They’ll consider lighting, angles and picture quality when producing appealing images that will showcase all your home has to offer. This is key to marketing your home and selling it quickly.

Less Is More

Don’t over decorate. When it comes to presenting the interior potential of your home, furniture can certainly provide scale and add light to spaces. Without it, the spaces in your home are just walls, windows, floors, and ceilings. So it’s important to show the size of each space and how it can be utilized. But here is the key – once you have taken care of presenting the space, then stop decorating.