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COVID Has Changed Buyer Preferences For Good

Posted by Rego Realty on  November 14, 2020
Category: Real Estate
2020: a year of adjustments. Especially for homeowners. For many, the home is now more than just a place to relax after a hard day’s work – it IS the workplace. And the school. And the gym. It’s pretty much everything.  Not surprisingly, this has impacted the preferences of today’s homebuyer. Likely for good. For those looking to sell their home fast and for top dollar, it’s important to understand these needs and cater to

The Westward Shift

Posted by Rego Realty on  October 31, 2020
Category: Real Estate
Over the past four years, Waterloo Region has become a magnet for GTA buyers seeking affordable homes. Even with a 50+% price increase over the past four years (in part due to demand driven by GTA buyers), homes in our market are still 43% cheaper on average than those in Toronto. Perhaps the only reason why even more haven’t moved westward is the commute. At a 2-3 hour round-trip, it’s tough for many to stomach. But, I

A $50,000 Conversation

Posted by Rego Realty on  September 26, 2020
Category: Real Estate
True story from a few days ago: A client called me, looking to list his home quickly. He told me about all the renovations he had done to the home (which cost a small fortune) and expected the improvements to translate into big bucks at closing. Unfortunately, I had to deliver the bad news: He made some low-ROI renos that don’t resonate with buyers There was one high-ROI improvement he missed that he’d now need

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