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  While proven to be a safe and reliable investment for decades, buying real estate, whether it’s a primary residence, an income property, or a vacation home, is not the same as investing in a GIC. As with many investments and, really, most of life’s endeavours, there is an element of risk involved. Much in the same way that you drive your car to get from points A to B, you’ll want to make sure
  Buy low, sell high. Quit while you’re ahead. Know when to walk away. Know when to run. Investments are often made with the expectation that, eventually, you’ll need to sell in order to “cash out.” And, of course, timing is everything. Because home prices in Waterloo Region have risen so much this year, many investors may be wondering if now is the right time to sell their income properties. Depending on their situation and
  Like anything you do for the first time, purchasing your first income property can be a bit nerve-wracking. Even though real estate has traditionally been one of the safest and steadiest investment vehicles around, it’s still an investment. And, as with any investment, you want to get it right. Ultimately, “getting it right” boils down to purchasing a property that will be profitable today and in the long term.   What is a profitable
  Over the past year, our homes have become a much more significant part of our everyday lives. They’re where we’ve worked, exercised, taught our kids, entertained, relaxed, and overall, spent A LOT of our time.  So, it’s no wonder why homeowners across North America have upgraded their homes, either by moving or making home improvements. While it’s exciting to upgrade your home through renovations and updates, it’s important to remember that doing so is
    With home prices having risen dramatically in Southwestern Ontario over the past year, the costs of not working with the best Realtor for your needs are amplified.  Today, inexperience, a strategy that’s incongruent with your goals, or a lack of responsiveness on the part of your real estate professional will cost you more time, money, and opportunities than ever. Just as you’d seek an optometrist’s help for vision problems, you’ll want to work

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