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Tesla, with its seamless fusion of technology and style, not only makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint while driving – it makes it cool.

But what about all that time after your commute?

With The Bright Building in Kitchener, the latest innovative condo from HIP Developments, you can now enjoy a Tesla-like living experience 24/7.

Here’s how:




The foundation of what makes a Tesla special is that it is fully electric. You’ll never need to visit a gas station again, which is not only better for the environment – but also for your wallet.

Similarly, The Bright Building prioritizes the use of electricity to get away from fossil fuels. This clean energy approach, tied to HIP’s proprietary in-suite technology (see below), allows building residents to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint as well as save on heating costs – without sacrifice. 




Unlike traditional all-wheel-drive systems, Tesla provides its drivers with far better handling and control by using engines that digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels.

To give Bright residents total control over their living experience, HIP created InCharge: an app that connects residents to their suite through their smartphones.

Not only can they control the thermostat, lighting, and blinds with a few easy taps, residents get real-time energy consumption reports that provide unparalleled visibility into and control over their environmental impact.




To many, what distinguishes Teslas from other electric cars the most is its performance. They’re not just incredibly efficient, they’re incredibly fast – able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds!

With performance in mind, HIP integrated blazing-fast 1.5 GBps internet into the entire building with backup redundancy to ensure it’s up, running, and lightning-quick 24/7.

This allows residents to work, game, or Facetime with family without the lag and poor connection issues they’ve come to expect.




Safety, according to Tesla, is the most important part of the car’s design. By using premium materials for maximum strength, it’s built to protect drivers like no other car.

HIP took the same level of care when designing Bright and the InCharge app.

Suite owners will be able to lock their doors remotely, provide family and close friends with unique access codes (no lost keys!), set smart alarms that notify family and friends if there’s an emergency and 24/7 access to community security cameras – all from their smartphone.

It all adds up to a safer living experience with unmatched peace of mind. 




There are a lot of electric cars. None of them are nearly as refined and sexy as a Tesla.

They’re designed with a minimalist interior aesthetic, with special attention to the economy of its instrumentation to provide more space and comfort, as well as an all-glass roof that creates openness for all passengers.

The Bright Building leverages Hygge design principles to create joy and coziness through an efficient and streamlined aesthetic. Upgraded with custom closet systems, integrated European kitchens, and high-end finishes throughout, each suite provides an inspiring sanctuary for residents and guests.




When it comes to a refined driving experience that seamlessly blends style, performance, and sustainability, there’s nothing close to a Tesla. To own one is to make a statement.

And, when it comes to replicating that experience in the home, no condo does it better than The Bright Building.

Rego Realty was proud to partner with HIP Developments in the sale of this revolutionary development.

Click here to learn more: https://www.thebrightbuilding.ca/

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