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  With local home prices rising 30-40% over the past year, many homeowners are thinking about selling their homes and “cashing out.” Some want to take advantage of the current market conditions to pay off debts, while others want to use their equity for travel and leisure. Many simply want to lock in their equity gains. There are a number of reasons for wanting to sell. And, given the demand for homes in our region,
  Demand for homes in Ontario’s “Cottage Country” is soaring. Remote properties that would normally take weeks or months to sell are now off the market in days and, unsurprisingly, prices are rising sharply. No, there wasn’t a Lotto 6/49 glitch.  Rather, this is the result of many Ontarians accelerating their long-term plans. If owning a vacation home is a goal of yours, this is a trend worth understanding. After all, as demand increases, so
  Canada’s bank regulator, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), is seeking to raise the mortgage qualification bar for Canadian homebuyers. OSFI is proposing that homebuyers applying for uninsured mortgages will need to qualify at a minimum rate of 5.25%, up 46 basis points from the current minimum qualifying rate of 4.79% set by the Bank of Canada. This will mainly impact buyers with a down payment greater than or equal to
Tesla, with its seamless fusion of technology and style, not only makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint while driving – it makes it cool. But what about all that time after your commute? With The Bright Building in Kitchener, the latest innovative condo from HIP Developments, you can now enjoy a Tesla-like living experience 24/7. Here’s how:   RANGE   The foundation of what makes a Tesla special is that it is fully

5 Ways to “Cash Out” (and Live Your Dreams)

Posted by Rego Realty on  March 12, 2021
Category: Real Estate
With prices of detached homes now 30% higher than last year, homeowners suddenly have A LOT of extra equity in their homes. And now, many are “cashing out.” They’re selling their homes to retire early, live mortgage-free, pay for university – travel the world. We’re thrilled that their investment in real estate is creating so many possibilities for them! Because this is a hot topic among our clients, we thought we’d share some insights and

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