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    With home prices having risen dramatically in Southwestern Ontario over the past year, the costs of not working with the best Realtor for your needs are amplified.  Today, inexperience, a strategy that’s incongruent with your goals, or a lack of responsiveness on the part of your real estate professional will cost you more time, money, and opportunities than ever. Just as you’d seek an optometrist’s help for vision problems, you’ll want to work
  From helping thousands of everyday people purchase their first, second, and tenth(!) income property — and from doing it many times ourselves — we can say confidently that real estate is one of, if not the best long-term investments you can make. In addition to the financial benefits, owning real estate has also proven to be predictable and safe. This rare blend of low risk and high rewards gives credence to the famous quote
  After an unpredictable 2020, many had hoped that 2021 would more closely resemble 2019. The Kitchener-Waterloo real estate market included. In 2020, the demand for Kitchener-Waterloo homes soared, pushing values up a staggering 16.1%. And, those thinking about buying or selling in 2021 weren’t helped by market analysts who were, quite frankly, all over the map with their market predictions. While we’re now finally showing signs of a return to normalcy, can the same
School’s out, the weather’s warm and, after a lockdown-filled 2021, homeowners across Southwestern Ontario are ready to enjoy every moment of their summer. (We deserve it!) Knowing your home will be your hub for indoor and outdoor fun and relaxation from July-September, and wanting to avoid ANY additional complications this year, it’s important to put in a little maintenance work upfront. Here are ten simple home maintenance tasks for a complication-free summer:     AC
  With Ontario home prices rising considerably over the past year, many homebuyers are pursuing new and creative ways to get into the real estate market. Many have left big metros in favour of more affordable towns — sometimes 3-4 hours away — while others have discovered fractional ownership, which allows them to purchase a portion of a property. The big hurdle for many buyers, however, remains the down payment. Typically between 5% to 20% of

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