Our Mission

Our purpose is to create long-term client relationships through proficiency and real-time communication in all marketplaces alike. We will earn our clients’ trust by continuous improvement, integrity, teamwork, innovation and community involvement. We will continue to pursue new growth opportunities to improve our diversity in the industry while maintaining a socially responsible and ethical company image


In my first sales position in the men’s fashion industry, I discovered quickly that delivering a memorable client experience isn’t simply a one-man job.

It’s the salesperson, the tailor, the manager, the owner, the head buyer; it takes a team – specialists who exceed expectations at every step of the process.

This is the foundation of Rego Realty: An Organization of Specialists.

Over the past 16 years, we’ve grown our team to include a diverse group of sales representatives who are expert in specific property types, a marketing team that maximizes the exposure of each listing, a client services team that is there for our clients 24/7, a robust administrative team – the list goes on.

It is this specialist approach which has lead to our rapid growth, allowed our diversity within the real estate industry, and makes the difference for our clients in any real estate transaction.

Our Services


When it comes to the most important transaction of your life, you want a seasoned agent with intimate local market knowledge on your side to ensure you get the most out of your next move.

Collectively, we have helped thousands of Waterloo-Wellington residents get more out of their home purchase and sale – with less stress.

Individually, our Residential Sales Experts have years of experience, in-depth knowledge of our local neighbourhoods, and are at the forefront of real estate laws and trends through continuous education.



Successfully launching a new home development requires more than a lawn sign and an MLS listing.

It requires detail at every stage of your launch: from perfecting the floor plans, to developing the perfect branding and messaging, to lead generation and, finally, converting interest into sales.

At Rego Realty, we have partnered with numerous developers on high-profile projects throughout Waterloo Region, offering a full-service, in-house marketing, sales and administrative solution that brings the expertise and flexibility needed to execute at every stage of the sales process – not to mention economies of scale.



Buying & selling a family home and growing your business are two completely different animals requiring vastly different approaches.

Our Commercial Specialists deal exclusively with income, commercial and industrial properties, are in tune with the requirements of today’s businesses, know the local economic landscape and are thus able to provide expert analysis and insights that set you and your business up for success.

Our core focuses are:

  • The Purchase & Sale of Income, Commercial and Industrial Properties
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Land Acquisition & Development
  • Build-Out of Commercial Space
  • Property Management


It’s all about lifestyle.

Whether it’s a hidden lakeside retreat offering breathtaking sunsets, a country estate providing respite from the day-to-day grind, or a decadent penthouse with panoramic city views – luxury buyers need to feel what life will be like in their future home.

Our luxury-focused sales and marketing team – through networking, focused advertising and rich multimedia – are expert at reaching the right buyers with the right message – while providing white glove service throughout the process.


Meet Our Team

In Our Community

We are fortunate enough to make our living by helping those in our community make the best possible move – and our community has been generous in their support of our team.

From local parades to international events, charitable causes such as Work for a Cure to sponsoring local sports team, we take pride in being actively involved in the events that support the well being of our community.