A $50,000 Conversation - Rego Realty

True story from a few days ago:

A client called me, looking to list his home quickly.

He told me about all the renovations he had done to the home (which cost a small fortune) and expected the improvements to translate into big bucks at closing.

Unfortunately, I had to deliver the bad news:

  1. He made some low-ROI renos that don’t resonate with buyers
  2. There was one high-ROI improvement he missed that he’d now need to make in order to get top dollar

Had we chatted months earlier, I estimate he would’ve saved around 50k (and a lot of stress), got on the market faster, and put more money in his pocket at closing.

I know this (the whole Rego team does, for that matter) from selling over 7,000 homes, seeing over and over again what get buyers excited and what brings out multiple, top-dollar offers.

I also know the renos that, from an ROI perspective, should be avoided.

So, if you’re thinking about selling within the next year, and want to maximize your home’s value, let’s chat!

A quick call could save you —and make you— a lot of money.

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