5 Essential Tips on Selling Your Commercial Property

Is it time to sell? Maybe you’re outgrowing your current location or are ready to retire from a business you’ve owned for decades.

Whatever the reason, there are some essential tips you’ll want to implement that will help you sell your commercial property quicker and at a price you want. Take a look at these 5 fundamental points.

Effective Pricing Strategy

One of the best ways to determine what price to set your property at is by checking out your competition. Finding comparable properties that are similar to yours and take note of what they are offering. Pay close attention to the location, amenities, and lease rates so you can have a good idea of how you stack up to the competition.

Marketing Your Property

Of course, in order to find a buyer for your property, potential investors need to know that your property is available before they can send offers. The key is not to get stuck using one form of advertising. Instead, make use of all marketing channels, including traditional, digital and social media. This will lengthen your reach to potential buyers and attract the right one. And by attracting the right buyer for your property, chances are you’ll sell the property faster. Also, don’t forget to ensure your information is up-to-date and accurate.

Have Curb Appeal

It’s essential that you take a really good look at the outside of your property. Be objective and try to envision what would make your property appear fresh and more appealing. Maybe you need to spruce up the landscaping, power wash and or throw on a good coat of paint.

First impressions can make or break a potential sale so it’s imperative you clean the windows, replace any that are broken and repair any other issues with the roof and parking lot potholes. If your building looks neglected, it will discourage buyers and affect the sale price.

Visually Wow Potential Buyers

We mentioned about adding a fresh coat of paint outside but don’t forget about the inside as well. A fresh or new coat of paint inside can help sell a property by making the interior look clean and well maintained. Again minor repairs need to be taken care of and the flooring and carpeting must be in good condition.

Clutter is not good so tidy up workspaces and keep common areas like break rooms looking clean and well maintained. During this time, it’s a good idea to communicate with employees or tenants in order to get their support in keeping the environment orderly and clean.

Find The Perfect Realtor

It takes a lot of work in order to succeed in selling your property. For commercial properties, the selling process can be complicated and hard to navigate so finding the perfect real estate agent is crucial; there’s is a lot at stake.

Find a trustworthy, hardworking realtor who is experienced in commercial sales and build a solid relationship with them. Your real estate agent needs to provide guidance, comparable sales reports, demographics, traffic counts, marketing and all other factors essential in the commercial property selling process.

We at Rego Realty provide the expertise and support along with a full range of services for all your commercial sales needs. Contact us today.

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